Wpływ użyźniacza glebowego na efektywność nawożenia azotem mieszanek Festulolium braunii z koniczyną łąkową i lucerną mieszańcową




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Wydawnictwo Uczelniane Zachodniopomorskiego Uniwersytetu Technologicznego w Szczecinie


In order to determine the effects of soil fertilizer and species composition and quantitative of Festulolium braunii mixtures with red clover and alfalfa on the efficiency of nitrogen fertilization, on the experimental object of Grassland Department and Green Areas Creation the experiment with these species was established. Surface plot was 6 m2 . The period of full, three – cuts using of this objects was in 2008–2010. The first experimental factor were three grass – legume mixtures with different grass species composition and quantity. The second factor was the soil’s fertilizer, which was used for a once watering plants in the phase of grasses shooting in the first regrowth as a solution at a dose of 0,9 l · ha–1 diluted in 350 l of water. In the order to determine the efficiency of nitrogen utilization, the following levels of this factor were introduced: N0 – no nitrogen and N1 – nitrogen in dose 60 kg N · ha–1rocznie (34% ammonium nitrate). In addition to all plots potassium fertilization at 40 kg K2O · ha–1 and phosphorus in a dose of 80 kg P2O5 · ha–1 were used. During the full utilization of the objects, the detailed study included: plant dry matter yield (t · ha–1) and total protein content (%). Based on these characteristics, it was calculated the nitrogen taken with the yield and the following indicators: Er – agricultural efficiency (agronomic), Ef – the physiological efficiency and W – the nitrogen utilization. The study showed that application of soil’s fertilizer to supply the analyzed mixtures did not resulted the increase of nitrogen utilization from fertilizer caused only an increase of its uptaking which resulted in a higher value agronomic and physiological efficiency of crops. While the nitrogen utilization supplied with mineral fertilizer was the highest on the objects with two–components mixtures.


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Festulolium, mieszanka, użyźniacz glebowy, wykorzystanie azotu, mixture, nitrogen utilization, soil’s medium amendment


Sosnowski J., (2012). Wpływ użyźniacza glebowego na efektywność nawożenia azotem mieszanek Festulolium braunii z koniczyną łąkową i lucerną mieszańcową. Folia Pomer. Univ. Technol. Stetin., Agric., Aliment., Pisc., Zootech. 295 (22), 43–52. https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12539/1003