Polish Journal of Chemical Technology, 2021, Vol. 23, nr 1


  • 1. Sepiolite-based adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture (Szymańska Alicja, Kiełbasa Karolina), s. 1--6
  • 2. Synthesis, computational, anticancerous and antiproliferative effects of some copper, manganese and zinc complexes with ligands derived from symmetrical 2,2’-diamino-4,4’-dimethyl-1,1’-biphenyl-salicylaldehyde (Ababneh Taher S., El-Khateeb Mohammad, Tanash Aissar K., AL-Shboul Tareq M.A., Shammout Mohammad Jamal A., Jazzazi Taghreed M.A., Alomari Mohammad, Daoud Safa, Talib Wamidh H.), s. 7--15
  • 3. Effect of pretreatment of Bacillus subtilis biomass on biosorption and its real time application (Chintalapudi Vinay Kumar, Kanamarlapudi Ramya Krishna S.L., Mallu Useni Reddy, Muddada Sudhamani), s. 16--24
  • 4. Determination of the binding mechanism of cobalt(II) meso-tetraphenyl porphyrin with plant-esterase (Liu Zishan, Dong Liang, Li Feifeng, Hou Changjun, He Kun, Huo Danqun), s. 25--30
  • 5. Mechanism of the oxidation of nitric oxide with oxygen (Głowiński Józef, Hoffmann Józef, Wilk Marcin), s. 31--36
  • 6. Improved understanding of Sodium hydroxide concentration role and kinetic model of cryolite reactive extraction in cathode Spent Pot Linings (Tropenauer Blaž, Klinar Dušan, Golob Janvit), s. 37--44
  • 7. Synthesis, spectroscopic and thermogravimetric interpretations of UO2(II), ZrO(II), Zr(IV), VO(II) and V(V) ciprofloxacin antibiotic drug complexes (Albedair Lamia A.), s. 45--52
  • 8. Anti-tumor agents: Design, Synthesis, and Biological study of N-Substituted-7-hydroxy-1-azacoumarin-3-carboxamide derivatives as potent cytotoxic agents (Bakare Safyah B.), s. 53--59
  • 9. In situ methanolic solvent synthesis, spectroscopic and thermogravimetric characterizations of three new transition metal complexes of trimethoprim drug (Refat Moamen S., Al-Humaidi Jehan Y., El-Sayed Mohamed Y., Hassan Reham F.), s. 60--67


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    Sepiolite-based adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture
    (West Pomeranian University of Technology. Publishing House, 2021-04-01) Szymańska, Alicja; Kiełbasa, Karolina; Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie
    Sepiolite and the sepiolite-based materials were studied in terms of carbon dioxide adsorption. The pore structure and the surface characterization of the obtained materials were specified based on adsorption-desorption isotherms of nitrogen measured at –196°C and carbon dioxide at 0°C. The specifi c surface area (SSA) was calculated accord-ing to the BET equation. The pore volume was estimated using the DFT method. Pristine sepiolite has shown the following value of SSA and CO2 uptake at 0°C – 105 m2/g and 0.27 mmol/g, respectively. The highest value of these parameters was found for material obtained by KOH activation of mixture sepiolite and molasses (MSEP2) – 676 m2/g and 1.49 mmol/g. Sample MSEP2 also indicated the highest value of total pore volume and micropores volume with a diameter up to 0.8 nm.