Studies of composition variability of oily wastewaters collected from harbour




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Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava


Effluents from the ships containing the petroleum compounds are very dangerous for the marine environment, hence, they are pre-treated on ships and their concentrates are transferred in harbours for further purification. Oily wastewaters are very difficult for treatment; therefore this process is carried out in specialized wastewater treatment plants. The treatment of oily wastewaters is made a more difficult by the fact that the wastewaters supplied are very different in composition. In this work was carried out the evaluation of variability of the composition of wastewaters collected from oily wastewater treatment plant, which was transferred from a harbour. Several parameters characterizing the actual wastewater (oil content, oil droplet size distribution, pH, salt concentration, surface tension, COD/TOC) were measured. The samples for analysis were collected over a period of 2 months.


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oily wastewater, bilge water, harbour waste, waste treatment


PROCEEDINGS 46th International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering