Solutions concentration by natural membrane evaporation




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Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava


The development of cheap water evaporation methods can facilitate the management of various waste solutions. In this work an idea of solutions concentration by water evaporation from the surface of capillary membranes, whose bundles are loosely distributed inside large chambers was presented. For this purpose, the membrane evaporation was realized by using the capillary module without a housing (module shell). This design allows the process to be carried out with low gas flow (close to natural convection) and for high gas flow velocities (forced convection). In such a system, the solar energy transferred to the air surrounding the installation is used to evaporate the water. During the tests the feed was flowing inside the hydrophobic polypropylene membranes, whereas the water evaporated through the non-wetted membrane pores into the air surrounding the module. The capillary length was 1 m, which allowed to obtain conditions like those in industrial modules. The paper considers how the process parameters and the feed composition affect the efficiency and fouling of membranes.


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solutions separation and concentration, oily wastewater, membrane distillation


PROCEEDINGS 48th International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering SSCHE 2022 and Membrane Conference PERMEA 2022