CO2 Adsorption Study of Potassium‐Based Activation of Carbon Spheres


The adsorption properties of microporous spherical carbon materials obtained from the resorcinol-formaldehyde resin, treated in a solvothermal reactor heated with microwaves and then subjected to carbonization, are presented. The potassium-based activation of carbon spheres was carried out in two ways: solution-based and solid-based methods. The effect of various factors, such as chemical agent selection, chemical activating agent content, and the temperature or time of activation, was investigated. The influence of microwave treatment on the adsorption properties was also investigated and described. The adsorption performance of carbon spheres was evaluated in detail by examining CO2 adsorption from the gas phase.


Słowa kluczowe

carbon spheres, activation, potassium hydroxide, carbon dioxide adsorption


Pełech, I. et al. (2022). CO2 Adsorption Study of Potassium‐Based Activation of Carbon Spheres. Molecules, 27, 5379. doi 10.3390/molecules27175379.