Structure and Properties of Biodegradable Poly (Xylitol Sebacate-Co-Butylene Sebacate) Copolyester




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In this work, a bio-based copolyester with good mechanical properties was synthesized and characterized in terms of structure, main properties and biodegradability Determining the chemical structure of such materials is important to understand their behavior and properties. Performing an extraction of insoluble cross-linked polymer using di erent solvents allowed us to analyze how the polymer behaves when subjected to di erent chemical environments, and to obtain soluble samples suitable for more in-depth analysis. Chemical structure of poly (xylitol sebacate-co-butylene sebacate) was determined by a 1H NMR and FTIR analysis of both prepolymer gel sample and samples obtained by extraction of cross-linked polymer using di erent solvents. Block structure of the copolymer was confirmed by both NMR and DSC. Gel fraction, swelling value, water contact angle, and mechanical properties were also analyzed. Biodegradability of this material was confirmed by performing enzymatic and hydrolytic degradation. Synthesizing sugar-alcohol based copolyester using three monomers leads to obtaining a material with interesting chemical structure and desirable mechanical properties comparable to conventional elastomers.


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ester elastomers, cross-linking, chemical structure, sugar alcohols, 1H NMR


Piątek-Hnat, M., Bomba K., Pęksiński J. (2020). Structure and Properties of Biodegradable Poly (Xylitol Sebacate-Co-Butylene Sebacate) Copolyester. Applied Sciences, 25, 1541; doi:10.3390/molecules25071541